5 Tips On How To Dress To Refresh Your Energy

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Summer is here and its time to refresh and recharge! 

We are sharing 5 tips on how to dress to refresh your energy this season. 

It was a long, cold and gloomy spring, and we are all looking forward to hot, sunny summer days. Let's shake that spring energy and mentally and physically prep for sunny days ahead!

It's time to have fun and play with color. Let's pull out pieces that have been buried behind our winter gear and maybe add something new and adventurous to our wardrobe. We have got so many bright and cheery new pieces in at Prery Collective. 

Scroll below for our top tips on dressing to refresh your energy!


Best Places To Shop In Chicago Prery Collective
Best Places To Shop In Chicago Prery Collective
Best Places To Shop In Chicago Prery Collective
Best Places To Shop In Chicago Prery Collective

Get out of your comfort zone! It’s important to get out of the rut that you’re stuck in. The best way to do that is to change up your routine and stop reaching for what you’ve been reaching for in your closet. If you’ve been in a cozy comfort mode it’s time to kick it up and put on dresses and tailored pieces. Pick up a new hobby, take a new route for your daily walk, try a new restaurant, workout or recipe.


Find the color that makes you the happiest and stick to it for a month. There may be a certain color that you keep being drawn to this year or this season. Hopefully it’s bright and invigorating. In the past, I used to dress with color chakra therapy. I I would wear a color that had been placed on my heart for that year. It always aligned with the chakra that I needed to work on. So I would set an intention each time I got dressed and add that color as a daily reminder and visual cue, to continue to work on opening up that chakra. I would pick a mantra and attach it to my day or my week or my month depending on how long I needed to work on my energy.


Take the stress out of getting dressed. Keep it easy and fun! Think of how fun it is to plan and shop for a vacation. Bring that mentality to your closet and plan your outfits out for the week. Maybe that isn’t your vibe and you find it stressful to pack or plan for your trips. That’s what we are here for! Did you know we offer personal styling and shopping sessions? Schedule a session with us today! But have some easy outfits planned for those days that just need an extra boost.



Dress intentionally for sleep and get dressed after waking, even if you are just staying home and cozy for the day!



Do a closet edit. Sararose shared some tips on closet editing this past week over on her page. Check them out and set a day or a couple hours aside to spend some quality time in you closet. It can get overwhelming in there, but taking control and reorganizing and aligning feels so good when its all said and done.